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Affinity Business Solutions provides quality & cost effective Contact Center solutions to customers in Retail, Customer Service, Travel & Technology Sectors.

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Customer Service and sales through Voice, Chat and Email Support.

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Lead Generation

No business can dream big with a limited number of customers and that is where lead generation comes into picture. Lead generation is the process of creating sales leads, which might convert into a sale for the company. The leads may come from various sources or activities, via the Internet, Email, most important and powerful medium being over the phone. A prospect lead indicates interest in the company’s products or services and may also be referred to our future prospective buyers. We have a dedicated B2B lead management team to generate qualified sales leads and facilitate more revenue for the business. Our lead generating and lead nurturing software focuses on managing the entire lead lifecycle, from initial engagement through lead nurturing to lead scoring and sales handoff. Our solid lead generation strategy helps our agents build trust, capture the interest of customers which in turn brings in new customers to the business resulting in continuous sales for us. Also, as lead generation is the first step of the sales process, both quality and quantity are important factors. We generate quality leads and have a full time dedicated Quality team to look into the same which helps improve the quality of leads and sales and meet the overall performance metrics. We therefore, offer a 100% Quality Assurance to our valuable clients.

Tele Sales

Sales is the process of selling any product or service. A successful sales campaign starts with untested leads and ends with new customers. We are specialized in Telesales. Telesales is a service activity that we use, to sell products and services to customers directly over the telephone. If you already have your customer data and you need someone to persistently and persuasively convert those leads into sales, our dedicated team of sales experts is there to help. On the contrary, if you do not have any leads, we are capable of generating leads and converting them into sales as well. Our professionally trained telesales team increases your conversion rate whilst decreasing your average cost per sale. Our sales team has over 8 years of experience is B2B and B2C Sales. We can proudly say, we as a utility consultant improve our chances of winning new businesses, more the sales more the revenue generated. An outline of the things we do to give the best services to our clients:
• We select the right people.
• We provide resources.
• We monitor performance.
• We develop skills.
• We reward and motivate.
• We provide support.

Customer Service

To begin with Customer Service is the sum total of what we as an organization do to meet the customer expectations. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, maintenance and upgrading of a product. Through customer service we in a sales campaign like ours, promote our services, promote our company image-brand name, improve our communication with the customers and resolve their queries. Customer service may be provided by Voice, Email, and Chat etc. Today’s customer is more educated, better prepared, and has more alternatives than at any other given time. Given that so much business is conducted on the web, a customer can on a click of finger access new and suitable options and in minutes change their company and preferences. We at ABSPL however, would not let them do this. We would put all our all efforts to save every single customer as it is the customer that would eventually make us or break us as a business entity. We have experienced and well trained staff with over ten years of experience in providing customer through different modes. As an organization we focus on building positive, trustful relations with our customers. In fact, it is the honesty in selling our services along with the customer satisfaction that would eventually and does yield results for us.

Email Support

Email is increasingly becoming the most popular form of communication .Companies are being flooded with ever increasing amount of emails and customers are increasingly demanding a high level of service and response for their email requests. At Affinity Business Solutions we are here to enhance your customer service through the email requests by providing a 24/7 service and responding promptly and providing the right solutions for all your queries.

Chat Support

Our representatives will guide the customers through all processes by handling all complaints and suggestions courteously.
Services with a difference-

• 24*7 Service
• Trained professional chat executives.
• Promptly and accurate response on live chat requests.
• Highly efficient! - One chat executive can handle multiple chats at the same time.

Backend Support

At Affinity Business Solutions, we offer a complete suite of back office services, helping you manage data and other non-core tasks.
Our backend services include:

• Data Entry
• Documents Management
• Customer's Accounts Maintenance
• Data Management
• Customer Invoicing
• Data Aggregation